Monday, September 16, 2013

John T.

John T. associates with people known to snitch for the DHS, and employs his time on Facebook attacking campaigns for Justice against Police Brutality.

John T. trolls the social media of Human Rights movements in Solano County, and expresses provocative statements in order to allow others to engage in psychological analysis on the targeted associations of people engaged in dissidence. John expresses an affinity for White supremacy, and of complete support for the Police and Department of Homeland Security.

Here is an example where John T. compares Hitler to Mario Romero, an innocent victim of Vallejo Police Dept.'s practice of extra-judicial street execution, on a Facebook page created by the innocent victims sister which is frequently posted to by the innocent victim's family:

In the following example, John expresses hostility to the idea of Human Rights for the incarcerated:

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